classic word search

Classic Word Search

Classic Word Search game. Find all the words in all levels.
pixel factory

Pixel Factory

Paint with pixels and recreate an image. Choose the right color and click a…
world cruise

World Cruise

Find all the hidden objects. Click to select an object. Drag to move around…
blitz wizards

Blitz Wizards

Find the object that is not in the picture in terms of color or…
daily killer sudoku

Daily Killer Sudoku

Play Daily Killer Sudoku levels. Fill the grid with the numbers 1 to 9,…
discover china

Discover China

Discover Mainland China in 30 levels. Find all the differences.
emoji pairs

Emoji Pairs

Try to find all pairs of Emojis. Click to open a tile. Find all…
merge it

Merge It

Merge numbers into bigger numbers. Click on a group to increase a number and…
daily star battle

Daily Star Battle

Play everday three new Star Battle puzzles. Place stars in such a way that…
circus hidden objects

Circus Hidden Objects

Find all the hidden objects in the Circus. Click on hidden objects.


Guess the English words and try not to hang your man. Click on the…
neon fence

Neon Fence

Fence in the requested colored blocks. Draw a line around the requested colors. You…
daily kaodoku

Daily Kaodoku

Daily Kaodoku puzzles in 4 difficulty degrees. Solve this Sudoku like game. Instead of…
word fishing

Word Fishing

Find all the letters of a word. Click on the letters in the correct…
jolly jong math

Jolly Jong Math

Test your Math skills. Click on 2 tiles that make the given number with…
daily crossword

Daily Crossword

Play a new crossword puzzle everyday. Solve a crossword by entering the solutions of…
daily sudoku

Daily Sudoku X

Daily Sudoku game with an additional rule for the diagonals. Every day new sudoku…
killer sudoku

Killer Sudoku

Play Killer Sudoku or Sumdoku. Fill the grid with the numbers 1 to 9,…
et brain

ET Brain

Train your brain. Follow the instructions for every mini game.
a day in the museum

A day in the Museum

Find all the differences in the Museum. Click on a difference.
search the sands

Search the Sands

Find all words hidden on the beach. Drag on the grid to select a…
daily maze

Daily Maze

Solve everyday new Maze levels. Find the correct path, drag the brown dot.
cats 1010

Cats 1010

1010 game with cats. Drag and rotate shapes and reach the indicated goal.
neon tracks

Neon Tracks

Complete a track from start to finish using the given hints on the left…

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