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baby taylor goes sick

Baby Taylor Goes Sick

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Taylor is a very well-behaved boy. Because the weather suddenly became very cold, Taylor had a fever. She couldn’t…
baby taylor happy fathers day

Baby Taylor Happy Father’s…

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Today is Natalia’s father’s birthday. Natalia’s father has to go out to work during the day. Five-year-old Natalia and…
pregnant anna and baby care

Pregnant Anna And Baby…

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Our Princess Anna is pregnant! Her husband is with her and they need your help. You can help her…
cat belly rub

Cat Belly Rub

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Cat Belly Rub is fun game suitable for all ages. Rub the belly of this cute little kitten! Play…
tulip back to home

Tulip Back To Home

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Tulip has had a great time at the factory with storks. Now it’s time for tulip to get back…
baby boss photo shoot

Baby Boss Photo Shoot

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The Baby boss is thrilled about his photoshoot for upcoming candidacy. He wants to make a show by wearing…
baby taylor gardening fun

Baby Taylor Gardening Fun

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Today baby Taylor and her parents have nothing to do, so they decide to decorate their balcony. But before…
ng puzzle

NG Puzzle

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NG Puzzle is both an arcade and jigsaw puzzle game which is made from different room scenes. You are…
baby taylor fun day in the zoo

Baby Taylor Fun Day…

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Baby Taylor likes animals so much, she always wants to go to the zoo with her parents, this weekend…
baby taylor happy weekend

Baby Taylor Happy Weekend

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Baby Taylor and her dad want to go fishing this weekend, but they can’t find the tools they need…
baby taylor house cleaning

Baby Taylor House Cleaning

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Baby Taylor wants to learn some housework, but she doesn’t know how to do. Now you will become her…
baby taylor eye surgery

Baby Taylor Eye Surgery

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Tayler and her pet are playing outside. Skipping rope, throwing frisbee and playing with toys. They are so happy…
baby taylor bbq party

Baby Taylor Bbq Party

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Baby Taylor wants to hold a BBQ party with her best friends, now they need your help! In the…
baby adopter

Baby Adopter

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You will get a cute baby! Are you scared? haha, don’t be afraid, you will adopt a little baby.…