Tag: Brain

pattern puzzle

Pattern Puzzle

0 264
Pattern Puzzle se juega como un juego arcade de ladrillos con animación tridimensional. Se logra que todos los ladrillos…
cube shapeup

Cube Shapeup!

0 355
Cube Shapeup plays like both a relaxation arcade and a matching puzzle game with three-dimensional game art animation. It…
math fun solarize

Math Fun Solarize

0 330
Mathematics is one of the most complex subjects in the world. The Nobel Prize in Mathematics is awarded to…
neon shot

Neon Shot

0 289
Have you played the game Angry Birds? Neon Shot is this neon pixel style game. This is a fun…
what is your color

What is your color

0 129
Brain game to test how fast can you guess the right answer of the colors
king of spider solitaire

King of Spider Solitaire

0 87
The classic spider solitaire with multiple difficulty levels.
connect the jelly

Connect The Jelly

0 117
An addictive puzzle / quiz game to train your brain. Nice design, fun, challenging and relax-able. PLAY NOW!
candy and monsters

Candy And Monsters

0 85
An addicted simulation/physics game, simple to control, nice design, fun and relax-able. PLAY NOW!
mahjong candy

Mahjong Candy

0 71
An addictive game to train your eyes and brain. Match the pairs of the same candies to clear them.…
bts boat coloring

BTS Boat Coloring

0 94
BTS Boat Coloring Book is an online game that you can play for free. In this coloring book that…
break the key

Break The Key

0 71
With the block moving, break the key! You can move the block up, down, left, and right. How far…
prison escape game

Prison Escape Game

0 103
Jack is an innocent person, who has been circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice.   In the restricted prison, it’s…
bottle jump

Bottle Jump

0 61
Bottle Jump bottleneck game have different levels for you there on each level you have a new challenge for…
puzzle color

Puzzle Color

0 153
In this game, your goal is to destroy all the blocks using your brain. Move a block of the…
popcorn show

Popcorn Show

0 129
Popcorn Shop is a Hypercausal puzzle game!Keep the barrel full of popcorn. Don’t discard anything and get the highest…
math duel 2 players

Math Duel – 2…

0 78
Are your ready for an excitement struggle with your buddy? Does your answer “YES” ?You can make a mathematic…
push the ball 3d

Push The Ball 3D

0 79
Ball Push is a challenging, exciting and sometimes frustrating minimalist puzzle game. It’s easy to play and enjoyable for…
power light

Power Light

0 78
Fix all unconnected wires which can transfer power to the bulb from the battery and complete all the puzzles…
halloween uno online

Halloween Uno Online

0 76
Halloween Uno Online 2 is an online multiplayer UNO game. If you want to play games with other players…

Connect Hexas

0 77
Connect Hexas is a difficult but interesting puzzle game, there are many levels waiting for you. If you like…
domino smash

Domino Smash

0 82
Domino Smash is a 3D relaxing game, if you are tired of complex and difficult games, you can try…
color balls 3d

Color Balls 3D

0 82
Color Balls 3d is an interesting puzzle game, you need to complete many challenges to win this game. The…
popcorn burst

Popcorn Burst

0 69
Popcorn Burst is an interesting and addicting physics puzzle game, you need to launch the popcorns to pass the…
water rush

Water Rush

0 160
Water Rush is an interesting physics puzzle game, your house is on fire, use the water to save your…