Tag: Casual

geometrical dash

Geometrical Dash

0 194
Take control of a square and get the end, that’s it! But it’s not as easy as it would…
lost my chicken

Lost My Chicken

0 91
Lost My Chicken features: – endless fun gameplay – good graphics
what is your color

What is your color

0 90
Brain game to test how fast can you guess the right answer of the colors
falling flowers

Falling Flowers

0 163
Falling Flowers is a unique match 3 type game where you get to place the falling flowers to help…
mystery pic

Mystery Pic

0 104
It’s ur objective to ID the picture u are looking at. Because of the aforementioned head injury, everything looks…
king of spider solitaire

King of Spider Solitaire

0 64
The classic spider solitaire with multiple difficulty levels.
gold truck crane

Gold Truck Crane

0 102
Want to get rich, get ready for the hard work. In the game Gold Truck Crane we will make…
dune surfer

Dune Surfer

0 77
Experience the thrill of launching yourself into the air, to the cosmos and beyond! But for that to be…
spike rings

Spike Rings

0 105
Interesting casual puzzle game in which there is a spike ring and also a series of lines on the…
bridal atelier

Bridal Atelier

0 55
Bridal atelier is the most glamorous and realistic dress up game of the moment. Can you be our wedding…
jelly ninja

Jelly Ninja

0 54
An addicted typical arcade game, simple to play, nice design, fun and relax-able. Prove that you are a skilled…

0 80
In this fun and easy to play game you are about to be the first fisherman ever who reached…
star lines

Star Lines

0 59
Move the Stars to the blank spaces in order to create a horizontal or vertical row of 5 identical…
happy glass game

Happy Glass Game

0 48
With magic pen and ink, you need to draw lines to bring water to the glass. Saving your ink…
solitaire 13in1 collection

Solitaire 13in1 Collection

0 47
Popular solitaire is simple and addictive game for one player, which goal is to get rid of all the…
flappy dragon

Flappy Dragon

0 97
Flappy Dragon is a fun casual game where you control a dragon and avoid obstacles.


0 109
Gangsters is a pixelated shooting mayhem in which the players takes control of a gang. The goal of the…
bloody archers

Bloody Archers

0 80
The stickmen are at it again! This time they are fighting with a bow and arrow and trying to…
sports minibattles

Sports MiniBattles

0 114
Sports Mini Battles is a brilliant collection of sports-based games. You can either play against an AI computer opponent…
monsters jumper

Monsters Jumper

0 38
An addicted hypercasual game, simple to control, nice design, fun and relax-able. Jump as high as possible to unlock…
glowit two players

Glowit – Two Players

0 45
Glowit – Two Players is an awesome and challenging game for you and a friend. You can play together…
ludo wizard

Ludo Wizard

0 99
Have fun with friends by playing the game Ludo Wizard. The game has 3 modes: – Vs Bot: Playing…
epic basketball

Epic Basketball

0 130
In Epic Basketball you will find realistic physics, crazy characters, unlimited fun and a world ranking to climb as…
mahjong candy

Mahjong Candy

0 45
An addictive game to train your eyes and brain. Match the pairs of the same candies to clear them.…