Tag: Clicker

what is your color

What is your color

0 129
Brain game to test how fast can you guess the right answer of the colors
monster matcher

Monster Matcher

0 157
Monster Matcher – Match 3 or more of the same monsters to get a highscore!
bubble shooter candies

Bubble Shooter Candies

0 202
It is a classical bubble shooter game with 36 challenging levels. In each level you will find a different…
hammered out

Hammered Out

0 86
Hammered Out – is a game where you fly with your space ship trying to dodge all the hammers!
doodle jump

Doodle Jump

0 87
Doodle Jump is a fun and cute platform game in which your must help our adorable doodle character jump…
what is wrong

What Is Wrong

0 82
Find the one thing in each level’s picture that logically shouldn’t be there. Identify each wrong item in all…
bunny punch

Bunny Punch

0 94
Bunny Punch – is a game where you and your bunny have to punch and destroy the boxes without…
wild wolf hunter

Wild Wolf Hunter

0 116
Wild Hunting is the dream of every sniper hunter. Wolf Hunter 2020 lets you hunt the biggest and most…
wildlife safari five diffs

Wildlife Safari Five Diffs

0 64
Spot 5 differences between 2 wildlife portraits.
fish mahjong

Fish Mahjong

0 67
Simplified classic Mahjong game with Ocean and Fish theme. You can eliminate pair of similar items. You can select…
hiking mahjong

Hiking Mahjong

0 68
Tap 2 similar items with 2 open sides. Eliminate all the tiles to win a level.
masha and the bear hidden stars

Masha and the Bear…

0 110
Masha and the Bear Hidden Stars is a free online kids and hidden object game. That is 10 stars…
aquatic triple mahjong

Aquatic Triple Mahjong

0 95
A triple mahjong game with ocean theme. You can eliminate only three of same tiles. Those tiles can be…
spot the difference city

Spot The Difference City

0 69
This is a Spot the difference type of puzzle game where players must find at least 5 differences between…
candy blocks collapse

Candy Blocks Collapse

0 81
Click on 2 or more than 2 candy blocks to eliminate them. To complete a level you need to…