Tag: Adventure

greed frvr

Greed Frvr

0 234
Greed Frvr es un juego de arcade de salto. Estás de acuerdo hombre de negocios, el dinero es la…
wild hippopotamus hunting


0 113
Wild HIPPOPOTAMUS Hunting – Take a hippo clan across various locations of wild nature. In this exciting simulator game…
flappier bat

Flappier Bat

0 67
Batty Jump – is the hottest new game in which you have to avoid the pillars!
stag hunter

Stag Hunter

0 88
Enter into free hunting game in updated mode of jungle hunter games. Be a real hunter through action game…
real bottle shooting game 2020

Real Bottle Shooting Game…

0 68
Bottle Shoot is about shooting as many bottles as you can in the fixed amount of time. Only if…
happy glass game

Happy Glass Game

0 47
With magic pen and ink, you need to draw lines to bring water to the glass. Saving your ink…
hiking mahjong

Hiking Mahjong

0 49
Tap 2 similar items with 2 open sides. Eliminate all the tiles to win a level.
isometric cube

Isometric Cube

0 49
Isometric Cube is an addictive game to train your reflexes. Press the same color as the next tile, as…
tobys adventures

Toby’s Adventures

0 58
Toby’s Adventures is a puzzle-platformer. Collect all food and reach the door to finish the level. Break bricks, avoid…
eg tank wars

EG Tank Wars

0 81
EG Tank Wars are good old arcade tanks! In battle, gentlemen! Our opponents are well armed, so try to…
eg super pongoal

EG Super PonGoal

0 105
EG Super PonGoal is HTML5 games – It is currently the most advanced version of the game of ping…
lava boy and blue girl

Lava Boy And Blue…

0 59
Lava Boy And Blue Girl Adventure is one of the most addictive game! Play this fire and water style…
trump ragdoll 2

Trump Ragdoll 2

0 46
Trump Ragdoll 2 is an online game that you can play for free. Trump Ragdoll 2 is a parody…
cube endless jumping

Cube Endless Jumping

0 47
Cube Endless Jumping is fun platform jumping game suitable for all ages. Jump as high as posssible and collect…
eg zombie uprising

EG Zombie Uprising

0 80
EG Zombie Uprising is destroy zombie uprising at all costs! An interesting and addictive game with different types of…
eg smiles

EG Smiles

0 65
The goal is to crushes all the smiles.. except the red one! So simple! Touch or click as fast…
temple run tomb

Temple Run Tomb

0 45
Best running game in mysterious temple.
basketball bounce

Basketball Bounce

0 88
Basketball Bounce 2 is an online game that you can play for free. This game is an online game…
bus rush

Bus Rush

0 94
Bus Rush is an amazing arcade game with an endless mechanism. Try to pull off some epic stunts and…
ouija voices

Ouija Voices

0 55
Have you ever played ouija board? You should try:) Use your voice to ask questions. Creatures from other worlds…
zoo run

Zoo Run

0 57
Zoo Run is awesome endless isometric runner game, with 8 animal characters to choose from, background elements changing every…
sound guess

Sound Guess

0 45
Listen to the sound and try to guess it Spell your answer Difficult? A hint will appear in a…
police auto rickshaw game 2020

Police Auto Rickshaw Game…

0 103
Drive an amazing, super charged, police tuk tuk auto rickshaw in police chase game. You are city police officer…
zombie assassin

Zombie Assassin

0 79
Navigate your zombie through the room and kill every soldier quietly. By killing soldiers you’ll gain money that you’ll…